Regular Challenges

Regular Challenges

What kind of challenges should I expect to see as a regular?

Essentially, it's any challenge that requires you to know key information about our site and procedures; and also requires us to know who you are before you can carry out the challenge. Although you give us contact information when you sign up, we need this confirming through official identification and a referee. Depending on the challenge you may still need further training and a more specific induction. If you are accessing back office areas of the site or are working closely with children or vulnerable adults you may be asked for a basic police background check. All these details will be listed on the challenge page.

These challenges fall into categories:

'One off' events

This could be a conference, event day or week, or help towards a specific project: For example, counting numbers of visitors to a specific case or gallery.

General Operations

Some things just happen every day, week and month. Once you sign up for one of these challenges you will be put on a weekly or monthly rota at times you are available. Typically these challenges will last between two months to six months. At which point a new challenge may be created, with a chance for you to sign up first, before it opening out to other regulars.

Personal Challenges

You may see a challenge titled: "Jessica's task", "Philips Volunteers" or something similar. These will be specific to one or two volunteers who may have some done something specific in addition to a challenge. Don't accept these unless they're for you!

Test Challenges

These will start with the word TEST. It's just the admin playing around. They pop up and disappear occasionally. Just ignore these.