How to become a regular volunteer

How to become a regular volunteer

It's simple!

Step 1: If you haven't done so already you need to sign up and become a Volunteer Maker

Step 2: Accept one of our half day Induction Challenges. Find a challenge date and time that suits you and accept the challenge. Further details of what to expect are on the challenge page. (Can't make any? More dates are added each month)

Step 3: Attend your Induction. You will need to bring along: 

  • Contact details of a referee (this needs to be an employer or an equivalent suitable contact. It cannot be a family member). You may two references for certain challenges so if you have these at hand bring them both.
  • A form of photo ID such as a passport, driving license, citizens ID card
  • An idea of what time you want to give us and when you're generally available - this just helps us in creating challenge

Step 4: Once complete you will be able to see more challenges when you log into your Volunteer Makers account

Completing an Induction will upgrade your account to Regular Volunteer for one year. You may be required to attend a refresher or new induction after you've been with us a year. We're not long into the new programme (which started with Poppies:Wave at Fort Nelson in 2018) and we imagine they'll be a lot of updates and tweaks you'll need to know about in a year's time. You'll be contacted before this happens and we won't downgrade anyone who is just waiting for a refresher date they can make.

There's no Induction challenges I can make/see

Don't panic! We try to do at least one a month in Leeds and every two months at Fort Nelson. You're very welcome to email certain days of the month that work for you and we'll try our best to fit it in when we're planning more.

Got another question?

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